Engaging Teens

Jeffrey Dean has based his life around serving a population that often gets a bad rap.  He’s got a heart for youth and for helping them learn the truth about God.

As a speaker, ordained pastor, counselor, and author, Jeffrey has spoken to more than 3 million people in a variety of settings.  He gets on their level and keeps them wanting more.  He launched Jeffrey Dean ministries in 1993 and has successfully been engaging teens in a journey towards truth ever since.

One of Jeffrey’s key methods is to be relational and to encourage healthy relationships.  Especially with God.  He shares:

“It’s impossible to know and grow with the Lord more if you’re not spending time with Him.  So we really challenge students and communities to get into the word.”

We’re so grateful and curious about his intuitive pulse on this generation and hope you’ll engage with what he has to share with us today.

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4-Square & Ziplines & S’mores: Why Camp Changes Lives

Wouldn’t you love to have an office overlooking a lake?  Hearing the sounds of children laughing, campfire songs being sung, the zipline going through the woods, and boats driving by?  How about having s’mores every day for dessert?

We’ll today’s guest has landed the dream job.  Jeff Jacobs is the Executive Director of Camp Henry in Newaygo, Michigan.  Truth be told, he doesn’t like marshmallows, but he’ll gladly eat a s’more if you make him one!  Jacobs believes that camp changes lives and is the perfect environment to unplug from the outside world and plug into truth.

Camp Henry has been serving campers since 1937 and provides us with an outstanding model of positive life change, connection to nature, and growing in faith.  This unique year-round camping facility serves youth, families, school groups, youth groups, and much more.

We hope you’ll tune in to learn more about the Power of Camp!


The Arts Deliver Truth: Eric Samuel Timm Interview

We may have outdone ourselves this time!  Today, we’ve got a real live Jedi on the show.  That’s right, a Jedi!  Just like any other Jedi, he guards peace and justice – but he doesn’t stop there.  He also speaks through the noise and challenges his audience to do the same.

Eric Samuel Timm shares his heart in many mediums – be it paint, passion, speaking, writing, or teaching.  In addressing all modalities of learning, he sheds a new light and paints an image that speaks along with his vision of hope.

Eric believes that the arts deliver truth.  He shares, “People need truth … the arts are the best vehicle to deliver that truth.  I think that the arts are entrusted to us by God in a way that allows us to experiment and experience profound truth in a way that I don’t think you can otherwise.  With art, people can see what they could never hear, and without it, they may not hear it.”

We know you’ll experience truth as you tune in today!  Be sure to check out Eric’s latest book, Static Jedi, and to visit his ministry website , No One Underground.

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Rhyme & Reason

What kind of rock star isn’t after increasing his own fame?

Jeff Edgel is more concerned about praise being vertical.  As the lead guitarist for the band Attaboy, he puts purpose behind pop and mixes reverence in his rhymes.

With an audience primarily made up of youth and adolescents, Attaboy’s music is powerfully changing lives and inspiring hope in a new generation.

We’re happily extending you a backstage pass to meet the band in today’s Church Growth Hacking podcast episode!

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