A new old idea: getting together

We’re a digital bunch. We bring web-powered magic to people all around the country so they can access resources they might not have been able to otherwise. Yet, in the midst of all of eBooks, pixels, and lines of code, we can’t help but feel there’s a “real life” component that would make it all that much better. So, today we’re launching Goodberry Meetups. It’s a time to come together (in person!) share stories of discipleship, insights on useful resources, and most of all, encourage each other. And, for our part, we’ll help facilitate the discussion with free pie and coffee. (What’s a get-together without good food?) Our first meetup will be here in Grand Rapids, but if you’re interested in starting something in your town, let us know! If you ARE here in GR, stop by:

You’re Invited: Thursday, June 6, 2013 at the Grand Traverse Pie Co.

Join us for our first Goodberry Meetup to share best practices, your favorite small group / bible study resources and stories about how God is moving within your small groups while enjoying free pie and coffee.

Who else will be there?

Small Group Attendees, Small Group Leaders & Facilitators/Coordinators, Bible Study Leaders/Teachers, Pastors & Church Leaders

Learn more and RSVP at our Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/511201835594500