The Attractive Emergence Movement

You might imagine Phyllis Tickle as the coolest grandma around – but not just because she makes a mean chocolate chip cookie.  She’s cool because she’s the epitome of wisdom and lives her life as an expression of grace.

One thing is for certain – She knows her stuff.  Considered an authority on religion, Phyllis serves as the founding editor of the Religion Department of Publishers Weekly.  She’s also written over three dozen books, served as a professor and dean, and is now a lay eucharistic minister and lector in the Episcopal Church.

Phyllis is a theorist and student of the Emergence Church movement and this episode will help you comprehend the related beliefs.  She shares about the attractive emergence movement and what has captivated her.  For instance,

“Emergence Christianity represents, or names, a set of sensibilities:  non-hierarchical, deeply liturgical, deeply narrative, non-doctrinal, very green.”

“One of the things I find most attractive about Emergence Christianity is it’s real fair of human arrogance and it’s real sensitivity to it and how it limits our worship and our sense of awe.”

Get ready to take it all in as we hear from Phyllis!

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