Doug Pagitt, Possibility Evangelist

Doug Pagitt’s business card might read a little differently than most.  He gives himself the title of Goodness Conspirator and Possibility Evangelist.  He is a creator with an entrepreneurial spirit who seeks to find ways to invite people to join in on the desires God has for us all.

Doug certainly wears many hats while serving as an author, Pastor of Solomon’s Porch church, consultant, radio show host, and director of the Cana Initiative.

He believes in humor, taking a different approach, being vulnerable, and finding creative and progressive ways to share truth.  A lot of his beliefs spring from the following:

“We have this great opportunity to make things happen, and what we’re called to as human beings – as people who are alive physically and spiritually, emotionally and mentally – is to generate the kind of world that we want to live in.”

We hope you’ll catch a bit of his contagious spirit as you listen with us today!


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