Finding Friends & Faith Over Frequencies

Joe Brookhouse is a Consulting Services Manager who lives in Oregon.  Dan Thomson is the Director of Student Ministries at Grace Baptist Church in Prince Edward Island, Canada.

The pair are separated by nearly 4,000 miles so they know all about Finding Friends & Faith Over Frequencies!  They began by serving as contributors to All About Worship, moved on to co-host a Christian song-writers podcast called The Songwriter’s Cafe, and now, have created a brilliant non-profit called Frequency FM.

This new podcast is unique in that it features Christian artists across all mediums and provides various perspectives from all walks of life.

Here’s a bit about why they do what they do:

“Christ followers express themselves in countless ways – in many mediums that don’t receive mainstream attention.  It also became apparent, after countless conversations with Christian artists, that the depth and breadth of their interests are vast … we intend engage artists from all walks, discussing life, faith, and their passions.”

As fellow podcasters, we’re excited about what they do and hope you’ll tune in to meet the duo today!

What’s coming up?

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Michael Kelley

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