Creativity Is Brewing

Creativity is brewing with today’s podcast guest!  Stephen Brewster serves as the Creative Arts Pastor at Cross Point Church in Nashville, Tennessee.

He believes that the Church as a whole should be trying to regain the position of leader of the creative frontier.  He shares:

“I believe that at the core we were all created to be creative . . . Whether you are an accountant or whether you are Picasso, God instilled inside of you creativity and curiosity . . . You would never walk into a Kindergarten class and and be like, ‘Ok, who are the creative kids and who are the analytical kids?’  You just put a piece of paper down and some crayons and they all go to town! “

Stephen feels that the church has the opportunity to help guide people in their creativity and to reengage with the way God made them to be.  He’s passionate about leading this sort of experience and creating a space for people to connect with God.

Tune in to learn about his passion and to gain some perspective on what your church could be doing to help create these sorts of environments!

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