From Grief To New Growth

Today’s guest loves to share his story about moving from grief to new growth.  His passion pours out in words that bring hope and challenge – though he never set out to be a writer.  He began on a worship team alongside Matt Redman, and today, that passion and talent pours out other ways.

Craig Borlase feels that writing is like breathing to him – the words just pour out.  He’s used this gift to write books, collaborate on others, and edit many.  To him, the spaces between the words have just as much to say as the words themselves.

In his own words,

Craig spent his teens: “trying to get a buzz out of faith (or drugs)”, his twenties “waiting around for someone to give me permission to take faith seriously,” and his thirties “stripping away the nonsense and discovering the power of God’s grace and love.”

Join us as we journey along in discovering how to move from grief to new growth!

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