Engaging Teens

Jeffrey Dean has based his life around serving a population that often gets a bad rap.  He’s got a heart for youth and for helping them learn the truth about God.

As a speaker, ordained pastor, counselor, and author, Jeffrey has spoken to more than 3 million people in a variety of settings.  He gets on their level and keeps them wanting more.  He launched Jeffrey Dean ministries in 1993 and has successfully been engaging teens in a journey towards truth ever since.

One of Jeffrey’s key methods is to be relational and to encourage healthy relationships.  Especially with God.  He shares:

“It’s impossible to know and grow with the Lord more if you’re not spending time with Him.  So we really challenge students and communities to get into the word.”

We’re so grateful and curious about his intuitive pulse on this generation and hope you’ll engage with what he has to share with us today.

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