On Boats And Discipleship

Our guest today is like a librarian in the library of Christianity.  Michael Kelley is a generator and curator of ideas, resources, and guidance.  He works with Lifeway Christian Resources where he writes content to serve churches.  Additionally, he is an author and speaker and is passionate about connecting people to truth.  The only difference from a true librarian is that he doesn’t want people to be quiet about it!

If you tune in today you’ll hear all about Lifeway, Michael’s advice on discipleship, some tricks of the trade for Church marketing, and a refreshing perspective on what it means to follow Jesus fully.

Michael has some great things to share about discipleship.  He tends to think of discipleship in terms of a helpful analogy.  Michael shares On Boats And Discipleship:

“If discipleship is not really like a rowboat and it’s not really like a speedboat, maybe the middle ground is that it’s more like a sailboat.  In a sailboat there’s still stuff that you have to do if you want to move … In the end, any sailor recognizes that you do all the work, but you’re at the mercy of the wind … much in the same way, I think that you could look at the spiritual disciplines – things like prayer, bible study, and scripture memory … you can look at all of those things as positioning your life, putting your life in such a posture that when the Holy Spirit moves that you’re ready.”

Be sure to take a look, check something out, and share the truth out loud!

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