Discovering the Heart of God with John Eldredge

President of Ransomed Heart Ministry, John Eldredge, has devoted his life to aid other people in the discovering of God’s love. John uses his books as well as his counseling and teaching skills to connect with people who are striving to recover their own hearts and begin to live in the kingdom with God. Come watch and listen with us as we dig deeper and unearth adventure.

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Singing A Broken Hallelujah with Jenny Simmons

Jenny Simmons is a woman of faith whose outpouring of love affects everyone she meets.

Through her career with Addison Road as well as her solo album, she has been on an amazing journey filled with love, hope and heartbreak.

Join us as we learn more about her journey and how it has shaped who she is today.

Redefining Street Ministry

As the teaching pastor at Vanguard Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, Elisha Young teaches how important unity is within our communities.

Through her work with Vanguard Street Ministry, she has been able to help people heal from rejection, and has been blessed herself by the process.

Join us as we talk with Elisha and learn about the radical transformation occurring where she serves.

Leadership: A Tree of Life

Adam Sterenberg has a vision for a school that exists to provide a Christ centered education regardless of their socio-economic situation.

As the principal of Tree of Life School in Kalamazoo, Adam is able to show his love and passion for the Lord through education and the renewing of minds.

Join us as we begin to understand his mission and what makes him a leader that follows Jesus in his faith and love.

Start a Fire in Your Heart

In our busy and hectic lives, it is easy to get lost in the problems of our lives. How can we focus on growing in our faith in such a crazy world?

Rochelle Frazier is a small-town Mississippi woman who is focused on lighting fires in the hearts of women who are looking for God. By teaching to seek, love and follow Him, Rochelle empowers women through her speaking, writing and attitude towards life.

Join us as we learn about what Rochelle is doing in the lives of many by helping people in their spiritual growth.  Sit back and listen and Rochelle will teach you how to start a fire in your heart.