Meet A Kindred Soul: Jennie Allen

Happy Friday, everyone!  We’re celebrating the end of the work week with a brand new podcast release!

Do you ever have those instances when you feel as though you’ve met a kindred soul?  That’s what it feels like talking with Jennie Allen.

Her passion is to inspire a new generation of women to encounter the invisible God.  The beautiful thing is that the invisible God becomes much more visible in a conversation with Jennie.  Her writing, teaching, and speaking are relevant, intentional, and Christ-centered.

Thank you for joining us and for the privilege of introducing you to Jennie Allen!

What’s coming up?

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And many more!



Goodberry Church Growth Hacking Podcast Release: Episode #001

We’re thrilled to share a new project with you!  The Goodberry Podcast exists to help listeners be disciples and to make disciples.  Hosted by Goodberry staff, the podcast invites ministry practitioners to share their stories of successes and failures.  It examines spiritual formation strategies, discusses best practices, recommends resources, and encourages innovative leadership.  We’ll help the “unconnected” get connected and enable leaders to provide the most relevant materials.

Our very first episode features Jessica Concannon – the principal of River of Life School in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

We sure hope you’ll check out our video and that you’ll pass it on to others!

What’s coming up?

We’ll be releasing one podcast per week, so be sure to keep an eye out!  Upcoming guests include:

And many, many more!

Thanks so much for checking out the launch of this new project!