Wright On

Goodberry lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan – a city home to great community, faith, food, art, and fun.  One of the perks of the area is a tremendous focus on faith and education that is open and accessible to the public.  For example, Calvin Theological Seminary recently partnered with Mars Hill Bible Church to host N.T. Wright for a free public lecture, and thousands of people showed up (Goodberry staff included).

Goodberry currently features nearly 100 N.T. Wright works, so as you might imagine, we were thrilled at the opportunity to learn more.  Wright is the retired Bishop of Durham and currently serves as a Professor at St Mary’s College, University of St Andrews in Scotland.  Wright is typically a proponent of traditional views and theology on some topics, but has also produced many controversial works to date.

This particular lecture was entitled “The Big Story.”  The main premise of the lecture was that the Bible, as we have it, is full of different levels of story.  And while it is important that we learn each layer of the story, it is also essential to recall the big picture.  Wright argues that the main theme is the faithfulness of God.  Wright echoed the challenge and charge he believes the resurrection to be – a call for us to recognize and propel the new creation within us.  God is faithful, and instead of focusing on just getting through this nasty world and leaving it (as most Western traditions tend to do), we ought to recognize that God’s Kingdom is here and now.

Wright concluded the lecture with a series of recommendations for how to address the world with the faithful love of Jesus:

  • We need a rediscovery of memory.  This story is not just about “me and Jesus;”  it is about all of creation.
  • We need a rediscovery of imagination.  The arts are the way into the very center of truth.  We need to put up signposts to the future world here and now.
  • We need a rediscovery of nerve to live this story in the postmodern world.
  • We need a re-expression of the personal message within the larger one.

It would be difficult to capture every thought that Wright shared in his hour long lecture.  In fact, many of us who attended shared a need for more time to process – but it was a great platform to build off of.  We’re excited to learn and seek along with you and wish to encourage you to continue seeking and living out God’s purpose for you.


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Wright on!