Daily Deals: Overcoming, Men’s Devotional, & Marriage

Revell publishing has deals on these eBooks: “Overcoming Anxiety, Worry, and Fear: Practical Ways to Find Peace” by By: Gregory L. Jantz Ph.D., Ann McMurray for $2.99, “Devotions for the God Guy: A 365-Day Journey” by By: Michael DiMarco for $1.99, and “Living with Your Husband’s Secret Wars” by By: Marsha Means for $1.99!
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The Vine #004- Kent Busman

“And God saw that it was good”–five times Genesis 1 reminds us that God created the world in his goodness and likeness. As mankind, also created in God’s image, we are called to love people, yes, but creation as a whole too. Kent Busman, the Director of Camp Fowler and youth pastor, may be of the few who really understand that. We had the honor of interviewing Kent for our fourth Goodberry Vine interview. His story is brimming with testimony of God’s love for creation and his call for us to be stewards of this precious gift. Come bear witness!

Daily Deals: The Great Works of C.S. Lewis

Tuesday deals: From the publishers at Crossway, we have “Family Guide to Narnia” by Christin Ditchfield, “Jack: A Life of C.S. Lewis” by George Sayer, and “Beyond the Shadowlands: C.S. Lewis on Heaven and Hell” by Wayne Martindale. For C.S. Lewis fans and all. Available for $2.99 ea. until the end of the month.
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Our Free One Day Deal! “Eyes of the Heart, The: Seeing God’s Hand in the Everyday Moments of life” by Tracie Peterson


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Daily Deals: For Prayer Warriors & Recovering The Church’s Voice

It’s Friday! Today, we have the “Prayer Warrior Book of Prayers” by Stormie Omartian for 2.99 and “Speaking of Dying: Recovering the Church’s Voice in the Face of Death” by Joy V. Goldsmith, Dale Goldsmith, and Fred Craddock for $3.99.

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Get this and other deals every day at: Goodberry Deals.