The Vine #002- Ruth Olsson

And just in no time, we have another Vine interview! This week we chatted with Ruth Bell Olsson, HIV/AIDS activist and humanitarian. She’s all about love. Not the mushy, there-are-no-rules kind of love. Real love. Love that sees brokenness, acknowledges it, but does not shy away from it. Just as Jesus ate with sinners, prostitutes, and nobodies, Ruth does the same. Come read her story and witness her beautiful heart.

The Vine Project

We’d like you to meet someone.

She loves meeting new people; she’s a great listener. Making connections and networking are her strengths. Portrait photography and good writing are her soft spots. Passionate for Jesus. She loves long walks on the… what?

Well, not really ‘her’. My apologies for wandering down nonsense lane a little too far.

But we promise you will definitely want to meet this…thing. It’s a new project that we here at Goodberry are bringing to you. We are really excited for you to meet The Vine.

Now, it isn’t all lies. We created The Vine Project to meet new people and to be good listeners. We certainly want to create genuine connections and a dynamic network. We appreciate good craft; images, writing, and the like. We love Jesus. But it’s more than that. We want to know how others (you) love Jesus and are following him in their lives.

The Vine is our new, ongoing collection of interviews with members of Christ’s body, living the gospel out in real life and making impact in the world. As we tell each story, we hope our vision of knotted roots, intertwined minds, clasped hands, and counter-cultural interdependence will come alive. We want to err on the side of togetherness rather than aloneness. Join us in celebrating the stories of how God moves in our lives. Come share your story.

Our first interview was with author, servant, and family man Clare De Graaf. Check it out and share your thoughts!