Welcoming the world to Goodberry

After some long weeks months, and extra late nights from John and Derek in particular, we’re thrilled to officially open the doors at Goodberry.net! We’re so proud of the hard work from our team, and determination to bring what we think is an incredibly valuable resource to so many churches in need of quality, cost-effective solutions to resource needs. By now, you’re probably familiar with what exactly Goodberry does, but if not, here’s a quick summarization. Goodberry offers over 50,000 Christian videos, books, and other resources for a rental (much like Netflix). Everything in the store is also available for purchase – at a great price. In addition to the monthly subscription or pay-as-you-go rental service, Goodberry will also have streaming services in the very near future.

The paint’s almost dry!

The doors are open, shelves are stocked and the party is starting! That said, we’re continually making Goodberry better and there are a couple of aspects of the user experience that will get increasingly polished in the next few days. Please “pardon the dust”, in the meantime, and if you run into any questions or problems please let us know right away! Above all, we pride ourselves on awesome customer service.

On behalf of the team here at Goodberry, welcome!